Our Technology
At Herbert Walkers we are constantly looking to acquire the latest technology available and become more efficient in every possible way. Our interest in technology is the reason why we have thrived for over 90 years in one of the most competitive markets there is! Here is an overview of the technology we use to stand our ground in the print, packaging, finishing, greeting card and product design arenas.


Our Pre-press department has focused on creating a smooth transition from concept to press by using automatic workflows and custom processes designed to suit the customer.
Above : Our Heidelberg Plate-setter
Combining the latest Workflow technologies and a team of highly skilled operators, we can provide a full range of prepress services taking your project from product design through to plate output.

We understand that in today's world; reaction and turnaround times are crucial, which is why we encourage working with our clients to develop a specific workflow built around your needs. This can be as simple as improving the file supply to reduce repetitive tasks and wasted time to building a fully automated workflow where the processing starts the minute you upload the artwork.

Colour Management

Have you ever wondered why your brand colours look different from printer to printer?

At Herbert Walkers we use Heidelberg Image Control, this is an advanced spectro which can preset the presses to a given standard and then maintain that standard from start to finish

We currently print to ISO guidelines for coated and uncoated papers, but we can agree bespoke standards for our customers, save it and then use that standard for each time your desired colour match is required

Are you thinking of implementing ISO 12747-2 standards for all your print?

Please contact your service representative for further details
Pre-Press kit :
  • Heidelberg prinect workflow with Remote access for file submission and online approval.
  • Large format Epson 9900 and 9800 for colour correct proofing to both iso 12647-2 standards and bespoke profiles.
  • PC and macs running the latest versions of Adobe creative suite
  • Cad drawing software for packaging design,
  • DYSS X5 cutting/sampling table
  • Heidelberg Suprasetter 105
  • PC and macs running the latest versions of Adobe creative suite

Ink Technology

Our in-factory ink laboratory provides us with the tools necessary for mixing and matching specific inks to keep quality and consistency a priority. We only work with a single market leading supplier to ensure our ink supply is the highest quality
Above : The yellow ink feed on one of our state-of-the-art Heidelberg presses.
  • Low Migration
  • Fast Curing
  • Specifically Developed For Food Packaging
  • Hot-Foil Stamping Ready
We print all of our food packaging and food based products using a propriety low migration UV curing sheet-fed offset ink called NewV Pack MGA by Stehlin. This specific ink provides a safe way of producing food packaging, even when the UV lamps are not at full intensity. Since NewV MGA has been designed for food packing, it has been developed to comply with the EuPIA Guideline, the Plastic Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, the Framework Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles in Contact With Food (SR 817.023.21)
For our standard covnentional inks we use Corona-MGA when printing food products and packaging as it is another ink which is designed and approved for use in environments where food is present. The components used in the creation of this ink have to fit one of two criteria; 1. They must not migrate or 2. They must be evaluated for contact with food. As with all MGA products, this ink is certified to contain no undesired substrates.
  • Extremely Low Migration
  • Free From Undesired Substrates
  • Specifically Developed For Use Around Food
  • Average Setting Speed
  • Low Migration
  • Extremely Fast Curing
  • Exceptional Colour Quality
  • Versatile board compatibility
For our standard work we use non-MGA NewV Pack ink. This colour rich ink cures extremely fast and provides an exceptional quality of print on a huge range of different boards. Its flexibility also extends to curing techniques as it is compatible with various technologies.
For all of our other productions we use High Speed conventional inks which are similar to our food approved counterparts.
  • Low Migration
  • Free From Undesired Substrates
  • Fast Setting Speed

Sheet Fed Printing

Herbert Walkers top of the line presses allow us to meet our production demands and swiftly turn around our manufacture jobs in minimal time.
Above : One of our Heidelberg print presses.
Our site currently features four market leading lithographic printing presses which are able to be fed sheets up to B1 in size. With speeds of over 18,000 per hour, we are able to efficiently turn out high quality sheets.

Sheet fed printing is one of the two methods that lithographic printers can be fed paper. It involves using pre-cut sheets which are then loaded directly onto the printer via suction. Being able to load a pre-cut paper increases the flexibility of the machine and allows faster make ready times - This method also produces the highest quality print.


Our vast array of finishing equipment and techniques ensure we can develop a process bespoke and specific to each customer. We make the most complex and creative ideas come to life

The mix of being able to finish both inline and offline helps not only to produce amazing results, but also provides significant commercial advantages for our customers