Hotel Chocolat – A Revolution In British Chocolate


For over 20 years British chocolate innovator and retailer, Hotel Chocolat has been delighting chocolate lovers with amazing tasting chocolate. The beautifully crafted treats and luxury gift sets are constantly being updated with fresh and innovative flavours and designs.


The Hotel Chocolat brand is imbued in originality and is “constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead”. This extends to the packaging which not only has to protect the chocolate but also reflect the quality and artistry of the confectionary.

The Creative Director at Hotel Chocolat wanted to create an exciting and original look for the packaging of the popular Sleekster and H Box range. A brief was sent to Herbert Walkers to incorporate an element of texture to a design inspired by the map of St Lucia (the location of Hotel Chocolat’s cocoa plantation).


Herbert Walkers has a capability to produce high quality embossing and foiling for packaging which is unrivalled elsewhere in the UK.  The in-house die making facility interpreted the creative ideas, transforming them into high quality tooling. A series of foiling trials were run where the client could be closely involved, modifying the design to achieve the desired textured effect.