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Gifting: Kopparberg

The Brief

Herbert Walkers has delivered a variety of projects for gifting company that specialises in food and drinks gift sets for retailers, both for seasonal gifting and occasions.

One of the recent projects involved creating the packs for two variants of Kopparberg cider gifts; a pack of three bottles and a set containing two bottles and a glass.

The Solution from Herbert Walkers

The Herbert Walkers Team was provided with samples of the products for the gifts sets and the vac form that will contain them within the carton. We were then tasked with developing an appropriate format for each gift set to meet the client’s aims for transit, merchandising and shelf appeal. The finished gift sets needed to be available for the seasonal sales period, so completing the pack development phase as early as possible was mission critical, in order to accommodate extended lead times for the required board.

Multiple solutions were developed for each set to provide the client with a choice of options and the final decision was made following transit tests. The Herbert Walkers team engineered the cartons to ensure they folds easily for rapid throughput on the gluing lines, ensuring high standards of accuracy and avoiding any potential delays by making the dies in-house.

The client’s design team then developed the design for the pack around the agreed format. The packs were cut, printed and finished by the Herbert Walkers team, including gold foil blocking and soft touch varnish, before being folded and glued on site. The finished packs were completed and delivered in time for the Christmas peak sales period.

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