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10 August 2022 by News

Cosmetics for Christmas: we know how to get the look

It may still be the season for slapping on the sunscreen, but Christmas will be upon us before we know it. In fact, at Herbert Walkers, Christmas is already coming off the production lines in the form of packaging for everything from cosmetics to confectionary.

Christmas gifting season is a huge opportunity for the cosmetics industry. It not only offers the chance to benefit from a boost in sales during the peak period; but also the potential to acquire new regular customers who are introduced to products when they receive them as a gift. Packaging alone may not be able to achieve brand loyalty, but it is hugely influential in gifting choices and the recipient’s response to the product. Consequently, delivering stand-out on shelf while working within the brand or retailer’s commercial parameters are essential measures of success for Christmas cosmetics packaging.

Christmas sparkle with a conscience

Christmas is the season of sparkle. If it doesn’t shimmer, glisten or shine, a pack can get lost on shelf amongst all the seasonal glitz and glamour. But consumers don’t just want a pack with festive finishes; they also want a pack that is environmentally responsible.

For a while, this led to design decisions to remove metallics and foiling from cosmetics packaging, which ticked a box for the environment and helped to reduce packaging costs. The compromise was aesthetics, however, and, at Christmas, elevating a product beyond the ordinary by adding glamour to the packaging is more important than at any other time of year. For the cosmetics sector, where items purchased as gifts are inherently luxury items, the carton needs to articulate that concept of a special treat.

Luckily, thanks to advances in finishing materials and processes, there no longer needs to be a compromise between aesthetics and sustainability. Plastic-free metallic boards, such as Unifoil’s Unilustre® can be used to create the impactful, dynamic designs that dazzle the eye and grab consumers’ attention, while providing recyclability. At Herbert Walkers, our in-house die-making and finishing capabilities mean that we can advise clients on the best solutions for their cosmetics packaging requirements – whether for the Christmas sales period or at any other time of year. We work with our clients to achieve their design concept with environmentally responsible and commercially viable finishes that elevate the pack with luxury aesthetics, reflective qualities and tactile appeal.

Adding depth to Christmas cosmetics packaging

Alongside the foils and light-reflecting metallics we see in cosmetics packaging for the Christmas season, embossing and debossing are also techniques used to elevate board packaging to a more luxurious and individual level.

At Herbert Walkers, embossing and debossing are also done in-house, providing greater accountability and removing the costs of outsourcing for our customers during this competitive seasonal period. This capability means that we can work flexibly with clients to achieve the look and feel they want for their Christmas packaging, while meeting business critical deadlines.

Varnishes can also be used to achieve variation in surface textures, elevating the pack visually, while enhancing its tactile appeal.

Aligning to cosmetics trends at Christmas

Although glamour and luxury go up at gear at Christmas, the packaging treatments for seasonal cosmetics ranges still fit within the four key trend categories for the cosmetics sector.

These can be summarised as:

Cocooning: subtle textures and soft, muted metallic tones, with detailed foiling for a delicate, feminine aesthetic.

Look at me!: bright metallic finishes and silver-laminated boards with high gloss finishes for an eye-catching pack that’s perfect for the party season.

Natural: visibly sustainable with a muted palette and focus on texture, this type of pack is ideal for vegan and ethical brands.

Luxury: premium materials and finishes to appeal to a customer that expects to pay more for their cosmetics, this trend enables brand extensions for gifting and seasonal treats.

Across all cosmetics packaging, Herbert Walkers has the in-house expertise and equipment to achieve the design and quality required for Christmas cosmetics lines. Drawing on our experience across both cosmetics and other luxury gifting sectors, such as confectionary and boxed spirits, we are already starting to talk to clients about Christmas 2023!

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